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The Louis A. Warren 

Lincoln Library 



ocated in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Louis A 
Warren Lincoln Library and Museum is a 
major private collection of Lincolniana. 

Founded in 1928, the Library and Museum 
is a tribute to the life and contributions of Abraham 
Lincoln. Lincoln National Life has taken special 
interest in the 16th President's life since the Com- 
pany's beginnings in 1905, when it was granted 
permission to use the Lincoln name by Abraham's 
eldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln. 

Over 1 ,000 visitors monthly enjoy its rich holdings 
and attractive displays. 

The Museum 

@he Museum is of modern construction and 
design. The 60 chronological and thematic 
displays unfold Lincoln's genealogy, his 
fascination with inventions, his career as a 
Whig politician, his involvement in the Black Hawk 
War, his foreign policy, the Emancipation Procla- 
mation, the Gettysburg Address, and other events 
in the life of our 16th President. 

Enhancing this collection are personal items that 
belonged to the President and his family; relics 
associated with Lincoln elections and his assassina- 
tion; and numerous curios, many of them valuable 
Lincoln sculptures and artifacts of historical 

pecial features include the flag that draped 
I Lincoln's box at Ford's Theatre, one of the 
President's shawls, several pieces of china 
from the Lincoln White House, and origi- 
nal Lincoln manuscripts. 

Three reconstructed period 
rooms — the Indiana log 
cabin, the Springfield law of- 
fice, and the War Depart- 
ment telegraph room — 
offer an authentic flavor 
of the life and styles of 
the mid-nineteenth 

Colorful and spa- 
cious, the Lincoln 
museum attracts 
Lincoln students 
young and old. It is 
open to casual visitors and 
earnest scholars alike. Its self-tour design is 
ideally suited for individuals or groups who wish 
to browse leisurely. Large groups may arrange 
tours by calling the Museum in advance. 

# /9Co 

The Library 

@he Library contains 20,000 volumes. The 
Lincolniana collection has 10,000 volumes 
which span every phase of Lincoln's life, 
legacy and legend, works on Lincoln writ- 
ten in 26 languages, and a collection of books 
similar to those Lincoln owned or read. 

The remainder of the collection includes biog- 
raphies, pamphlets, and journals about the per- 
sonalities and events of Lincoln's day, books on the 
states in which Lincoln lived, and many other 
Lincoln topics. 

Its files contain 200,000 newspaper clippings and 
magazine articles related to the Lincoln theme, 
microfilm, period newspapers, manuscripts, and 
government documents — all of which are avail- 
able for in-depth research. 

An important part of the Library is its pictorial 
holdings: oil paintings, original photographs, con- 
temporary prints, broadsides, and metallic sub- 
jects; over 6,000 different prints on the Lincoln 
theme — engravings, photoengravings, busts, 
statues, masks, plaques, and medals. The breadth 
of the Library's pictorial holdings makes it a major 
center for the study of Lincoln's image as portrayed 
in a variety of media. 

An Invitation 

he Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library and 
Museum, endowed by the Lincoln National 
Life Insurance Company, exhibits a con- 
tinuing commitment to research in the 
Lincoln field. All interested persons are invited to 
come and see one of the leading centers of Lincoln 
research in America. Admission and parking are 
free of charge. 

Dedicated to providing a focal point for the study 
of Abraham Lincoln's life, the Library and Museum 
has published Lincoln Lore since 1929 as a 
monthly bulletin mailed to individuals and organi- 
zations. The illustrated publication presents 
articles on a variety of Lincoln-related subjects 
and research. 


he Louis A Warren Lincoln Library and 
Museum is located at 1300 South Clinton 
Street, RO. Box 1110, Fort Wayne, Indiana 
46801. Phone (219) 427-3864. 

Visitors are welcome from 8:00-4:30, Monday 
through Thursday, and from 8:00-12:30 (noon), 
Friday. From May to Labor Day, the Library and 
Museum is open from 8:00-4:30 Monday through 
Friday and from 10:00-4:30, Saturday. 

COVER PICTURE: The last portrait of Abraham Lincoln, painted from 
life by Matthew Wilson. Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles, who 
commissioned the work, paid Wilson $85 for the oil on artist's board on 
April 12, 1865, two days before President Lincoln was assassinated. 




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